Below, we’ve put together a general guideline of what you will need to prepare for your trip. Please note that requirements can change without notice so triple-check all your documentation is in order before you leave for the airport!

As the requirements are different for each country, once you have finalised your itinerary we’ll work with you to ensure everything is in order for a smooth trip.


Please consult your consular office or similar authority on whether you need a visa and, if so, how it can be obtained.


Please ensure that your passport is valid beyond your return date and has sufficient empty pages for immigration stamps.

PCR or antigen tests

The government may require a negative PCR test to enter the country – please ensure you comply if necessary.


The WHO recommends having several up-to-date vaccinations for travel. Consult your physician or travel clinic for the latest requirements, especially for Covid-19.


The risk of malaria is higher during the rainy seasons. Ask your doctor or travel clinic for a prophylactic that could work for you. If you are going scuba diving, be sure to mention it as some anti-malaria medication can have side effects.

Luggage limits

If you are transferring to a safari area via a light aircraft, you will have very strict restrictions on the weight, dimensions and type of luggage you can take. Generally, large suitcases with wheels, handles and hard sides are not allowed. If you bring the incorrect baggage or it is overweight, you may have to leave items behind.

What to pack

Africa can be surprisingly cold in the mornings and evenings, as well as over the rainy season. Pack layers in neutral colours like grey, brown, khaki and khaki. There is no need to buy specialist clothing – just bring your most toned-down trousers, shirts and jackets. Avoid black and blue as they can attract tsetse flies, which leave a painful bite.

We never go on safari without the following: Beanies, binoculars, buffs, camera, cap, fingerless gloves (in winter), masks, multi-plug adaptors, sun protection cream and sunglasses.