A land of a thousand hills
and gentle giants



Volcanoes National Park: A gorilla stronghold along the Virunga Mountains

Akagera: Central Africa’s largest protected wetland packed with plains game

Kigali: The fascinating capital that intertwines the past and future


Dry SeasonMay to October

Green SeasonMarch to May

Shoulder SeasonOctober to February


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Hands down, everyone wants to visit Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas. And it’s easy to see why: a modern conservation success story, many former poachers are now fierce and passionate protectors of these extraordinary great apes, patrolling the forest to keep them safe. As the mountain gorilla population slowly grows, authorities are mindful not to stress them or their delicate habitats in any way. This means limited permits are issued, there is a strict age limit and trekkers who are not in good health are not permitted to spend time with the gorillas, which are very susceptible to human diseases. The complexities of gorilla trekking make it vital that you use a trusted travel agent to ensure you also travel at the best possible time of year to see them.

Rwanda is small but diverse, and gorillas are not the only wildlife for safari lovers to enjoy. Its forested hills at places like Nyungwe are also home to chimpanzees, all sorts of adorable and acrobatic monkeys and more than 700 species of birds. Other national parks are reintroducing long-lost predators and are establishing themselves as the best-kept secrets of central Africa. Then there are crystal-clear lakes and seemingly endless hills to explore where village life has one foot in the past and one in the present. These intriguing contrasts are echoed in Kigali where the triumph of humanity and the importance of both memory and forgiveness shine through.


If you’ve always wanted to see the gorillas, just go for it! It’s as amazing as they say and I enjoyed every second of my precious hour with them. I’ve also visited Akagera, which is lush and beautiful, and where the game is making an extraordinary comeback.


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An enormous almost untouched rainforest to the north of Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park is so named because it contains five of the eight volcanoes found along the Virunga Mountains. This landscape of lush greenery and steep mountainsides wreathed in mist is the home to a growing population of mountain gorillas. At these high altitudes and in damp conditions, mountain gorillas have evolved to have thicker fur to keep them warm as they forage, gambol and groom each other in family groups. In June every year, the Kwita Izina ceremony is held, in which all newborn gorillas are bestowed their unique names and welcomed to the world.


One of Africa’s Great Lakes, Kivu runs along the western side of Rwanda and feeds the Ruzizi River. Awe-inspiring at first sight, Kivu offers adventurous travellers the opportunity to go kayaking, boating and birding – ideal downtime after your gorilla trek, which can be exhausting if the primates are on the move or far away, and you have to clamber through dense vegetation at altitude to find them! Back on the shore, grab a mountain bike or put your boots and gaiters back on to explore the beautiful trails that overlook the glistening water and gently undulating hills and valleys.


Truly worthy of secret gem status, Akagera is fast becoming a must-see destination for seasoned safari goers. A haven for plains game such as zebra, giraffe and elephant, lions have also been reintroduced, adding an exciting dimension to game drives. But one of the true highlights here is the thriving population of rare shoebill storks. These enormous birds – also known as ‘whaleheads’ – have massive beaks that allow them to go up against ferocious Nile crocodiles on occasion! They are masters at staring down threats and their size makes them doubly imposing. Even if you’re not a birder, seeing a shoebill will be a thrill.


Overnighting in Kigali could be one of the most inspiring moments in your life. The city is famously spotless, well-run and modern as Rwandans work hard to turn the horror and carnage of the past into a safe and bright future for all.  Lying at the foot of Mount Kigali, it offers plenty to see and do, including being moved at the Genocide Memorial, Nyamata Church and Hotel des Mille Collines. Then browse traditional Rwandan crafts at Caplaki, Inema and Kimironko. A walk up Mount Kigali will give you a bird’s eye view of this humbling city that has overcome so much.



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