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Taking your children or parents to Africa is one of the most exciting and memorable trips you’ll ever do. If you’re a family of nature lovers who enjoys the outdoors and regularly camp and hike, then a safari is a no-brainer. But perhaps you’re more of a blended or multi-generational family with a variety of ages and interests that have to be catered for, in which case, a little more thought has to be given to your vacation. Africa is a long-haul destination with malaria zones, considerable distances between camps and highly seasonal weather. Fortunately, we’ve done it all ourselves – with babies and granny and grandpa! – so we can give you real-life advice.

Some lodges have separate family units or ‘enclaves’ that are perfect because they have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, private pools, and kitchenettes with chefs and housekeepers so you can have your own schedule and meals. Wi-Fi can be important for teenagers and some lodges also have babysitting services and kids’ camps as game drives often have age restrictions for safety reasons. It’s worth looking into a private vehicle so that you can head back early if the children get tired. Another convenience is flying rather than driving between destinations. Our top tip is to build an itinerary around places that have lots of activities like quad biking, interactions with habituated animals, sleepouts, hot-air balloons and cultural excursions so that there is something for everyone to enjoy.


  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bond in some of the world’s most unspoilt places

  • Share the excitement of seeing wild animals like elephants and lions in real life

  • Stay in private enclaves or family units that are geared for bigger groups

  • Enjoy wonderful game viewing and fun activities like interacting with meerkats

  • Mix being active on nature walks with relaxing on a boat cruise or mokoro ride

  • Many lodges have kids’ clubs, babysitters, pizza ovens, Wi-Fi, stargazing and more so that children of all ages are entertained


If it’s your first time on safari as a family, then South Africa is a great introduction to the African bush as you won’t be too much out of your comfort zone. Airports are modern, transfers are slick and many lodges cater specifically for younger children. Having a fenced camp means animals can’t wander through, upping the safety level considerably. Many have professional nannies, special kids’ clubs with age-appropriate activities like making pizza, baking cookies, arts & crafts, and even a gentle nature walk to learn more about birds and bugs. Add Cape Town’s many attractions and you have the ideal family holiday.


Before the kids pipe up with, ‘It’s just a lot of water!’, we’re here to say that Vic Falls Town is full of interesting and exciting things to do in addition to being awed by the world’s greatest sheet of falling water! The perfect end to safaris in Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Falls offer hard and soft adventure sports, culture, shopping, animal interactions, eating out and sightseeing. Even a simple stroll around the buzzing town centre can be fun as you’ll be entertained by the antics of habituated vervet monkeys and always-on-the-go warthog families!


Planned properly, a Namibian safari can be a wonderful journey for an adventurous family because it is one of the best places to do a self-drive. Having your own vehicle means you can set your own pace, stop when you like and not be locked into a schedule. Move from the white pans and jam-packed waterholes of Etosha to the massive sand dunes of the Namib Desert and onto the adventure offered from Swakopmund to the Skeleton Coast. Namibia offers wildlife, history, geology, stargazing, quad biking, shopping, dining out and more. If you enjoy road trips at home, you’ll love them in ‘Nam’.


Here are our favourite Family Itineraries to inspire you. All of our itineraries can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.


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